Horseracing is called “The Sport of Kings” partly because it is an expensive sport to participate in. Forming partnerships for owning racehorses has become a method allowing many more people to take part in this great sport. Not everyone has $20,000 or $100,000 or $1,000,000 to invest in racehorses. Bloodlines Racing Partnerships brings owners together allowing them to pool their money, thereby spreading the costs and the risks. But not with just any racehorse. Bloodlines Racing will be racing horses that possess the genes of some of the most successful horses in the thoroughbred world. Bloodlines Racing wants to race Stakes quality horses, Champion quality horses, World Class horses. We want to hit the proverbial “home run.”

Since it basically costs the same to train, house and feed a poor or mediocre horse as it does a Champion, why not tip the odds in your favor by owning a horse with the best bloodlines available? Why not use superior raw materials? Horses, being mammals like humans, follow the same laws of genetics as we do. DNA is copied and passed along from parent to offspring. Just as a child of two Olympic athletes would be more likely to be a top athlete than a child of the general public, the same is true in horses. Top level mares and stallions produce more top level racehorses than lower level mares and stallions. These are not new ideas. Since antiquity, breeders have selectively bred horses to improve particular traits. Some cultures believed the stallion was more important than the mare. Other cultures thought the mare was more important. One thing they had in common was the belief and knowledge that parents passed traits and characteristics along to their offspring. These facts are well known to present day horsemen and women as well. It is the reason why unraced horses possessing superior genes can sell for a million dollars or more. In 2006, a two-year old unraced horse sold for $16 million. Nothing guarantees a horse will become a top level racehorse, but at Bloodlines Racing Partnerships we believe owning racehorses with superior genes is the way to go.