Q: If I own only 2% of the Racehorse Offering, can I still go see the horse train?
A: Yes. Any owner can see the racehorse with a visitorís pass for the day. Also, even the smallest % owner can get a full ownerís license and have all the privileges as any other owner eliminating the need for a pass. Either way, you can see your horse. Itís part of the experience of being an owner.

Q: Can I bring friends or family to watch the horse train?
A: Yes

Q: Who will make decisions regarding this horse?
A: James R. McGlinn will make the ultimate decisions regarding this racehorse. These decisions will be based on ongoing consultation with the trainer, veterinarians, riders, etc. The trainer will have the biggest say in the day to day aspects of this racehorse.

Q: How will I keep up with what the horse is doing?
A: The General Partner will keep you updated primarily through email. Training progress, race dates and other pertinent information will be sent to you. He will also help educate those who need it on various aspects of horseracing. Terms such as Maiden Special Weight, Allowances, and Claiming races will be explained.

Q: How is the partnership set up?
A: As a Limited Liability Company, a LLC

Q: Will I receive any tax related material from you?
A: You will receive a K-1 statement for each tax year.

Q: Will I be able to be in the Winnerís Circle if the horse wins?
A: Yes.