Pennsylvania Racehorse Partnership - Finances

 Name  Unnamed
 Sire  Jump Start
 Dam  Street Singer
 Born  January 23, 2014

Ownership of this racehorse is based on each 1% of ownership costing a One Time Cost payment of $1,800. No additional payment will ever be necessary. The minimum purchase is 1%.

If, for any reason, this filly is not able to begin training as a racehorse, you will receive a 50% refund of your One Time Payment.  We want this partnership to be fair, exciting and fun.

This filly is currently training in Delaware. She will ship later in 2016 to Parx to be trained by Juan Carlos Guerrero.

Return on Investment: You will receive a proportional amount of money as your percentage ownership from the net profits generated for the owners by our racehorse. This would include money from purses won, owner's bonuses from state bred programs, owner's bonuses from any source, and money from a sale or claim –any and all money generated for the owners by our racehorse. 1% ownership equals a 1% return. All very straightforward. Net profits are calculated like this: Once money generated by our racehorse exceeds the costs of maintaining her, this money will be called net profits. For this calculation, costs will not begin until our racehorse makes her first start in a race as a two year old, or beginning on January 1st of her three year old year, which would be January 1st, 2017. We begin calculating maintenance costs on whichever of these occurs first. Costs will be cumulative beginning then. All costs leading up to this time are not counted.

One-time cost for 1% ownership $1,800
One-time cost for 2% ownership $3,600
One-time cost for 3% ownership $5,400
One-time cost for 4% ownership $7,200
One-time cost for 5% ownership $9,000
One-time cost for 10% ownership $18,000


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