Bloodlines Partnerships utilize a One-Time-Cost payment structure.

One Time Cost means you can own a percentage of our Racehorse for a certain fee.  You would not be liable for any future costs or fees. This includes training, veterinarians, feed, board - everything. Regardless of what the expenses may be in the future, you would not be liable for any of them. One Time Cost means one time cost. Nothing hidden, no surprises. Your initial investment is the only money you will ever need to pay in a Bloodlines Racing Partnership (the only exception is the cost of an owner's license, if needed).

This payment structure was developed in response to overwhelming feedback from partners.

You can be an owner without ever having to worry about future payments.  You can watch your horse grow up, you can visit your horse, you can watch it train.  And you can certainly be in the winner’s circle when it wins.  All without additional cost.

We can offer the One Time Cost method of ownership because the Management of Bloodlines Racing expects that our Racehorses will be able to earn sufficient money to cover all of their expenses.  We are breeding quality racehorses and we are willing to put our own money behind them.  If for some reason a racehorse does not cover all of its expenses, you would not have to pay any of these costs.  These would be paid by the Management.  It is a risk the Management is willing to take.  Also, the breeder and General Manager of our partnerships will own a significant percentage of each racehorse.

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